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With our reliable, accurate, and transparent interpretation services, we continuously endeavor for improvement and customer satisfaction which makes us stand out. Akan Language Interpretation Services never underestimates the power of precision and provides its clients with immediate access to professional interpretation services.
With over 12 years of experience, we take pride in being the leading providers of translation and Interpretation services. Akan Language Interpretation Services cater to Ghanaians across the globe and ensures that all customers receive purely reliable and trustworthy services for their Ghanaian clients around the world.

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It is the most common form of interpretation, with the interpreter present on-site.

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Regardless of the location, Akan Language helps you connect to anyone with the help of the telephone.

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Highly Creative

We will assist you in communicating your message to a wider audience wherever you want to.

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Video Remote

This service allows communication between hearing-impaired and hearing persons in the same location.

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Jul 13 2019
Akan Language Facts

Majority of the Akan people speak the
Twi language and Fante while a few others
speak the Bia language. The Twi speaking
people includes Akuapem, Akyem and the
Asante. The Bia speaking people also include
the Kwahu, Agon, Wassa. he Akan people
number about twenty million.

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Jul 13 2019
Akan Facts

The two speaking people includes Akuapem,
Akyem and the Asante. The Bia speaking people
also include the Kwahu, Agon, Wassa. The Akan
people number about twenty million. And are
among African tribes that have maintained
their indigenous language with minimal
influence from the Western.

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Jul 13 2019
Akan Facts

The Akan are a religious group of people
that have adopted Christianity as their
primary religion, but others identify as Muslims.
The ancient Akan people worshipped “Onyame”
supreme God, asaase yaa (the goddess of the earth)
and their ancestors by offering sacrifices including

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