“Elegant Designs” …

At Garcia Custom Fireplace Doors, our in-house creative and experienced designers innovate and design luxurious and well-defined fireplace doors-specific to our client’s requirements.


“Superior Quality” …

Part of Garcia Custom Fireplace Doors mission is to provide customers with the satisfaction of guaranteed superior quality materials that ensure durability and ravishing composition.


“Customization” …

Customization made easy. Share the idea, concept or existing frame-works,and get a fireplace door designed. Garcia Custom Fireplace Doors team of highly experienced and skilled designers are dedicated to provide a unique fireplace design, using some of the most exotic elements to fully customize your fireplace door.

About Us

Welcome to Garcia Custom Fireplace Doors.
Garcia Custom Fireplace Doors is a complete online shop, dedicated to provide customers withinnovative and elegant fireplace doors. With superior in-house-pre-existing designs that ranges in a wide spectrum, to fully customization, at Garcia Custom Fireplace Doors finding the perfect fireplace solution is made easy. Our team of professional designers have years of experience in designing and working with precious materials to create exotic, luxurious fireplace doors. All fireplaces doors are carefully designed and strategically implemented to ensure flawless results. With exceptional skills and a mind for art, Garcia Custom Fireplace Doors can ensure exceptional results with quality effort.

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our mission

Leaping in to optimistic-challenges and determined to provide high-quality materials forged into beautiful fireplace doors.

what we do

At Garcia Custom Fireplace Doors, we design and build customized fireplace doors with some of the industry top quality materials that’s guaranteed to result a unique and innovated door for your fireplace!


Garcia Fireplace Doors started as a conceptual business idea, originally in 2018 and took launch as a professional and certified online customized fireplace door supplier in late of 2019. Supplying top quality-exported exotic materials to build unique and ostentatious fireplace doors.

Why Choose Us?

  • Garcia Custom Fireplace Doors is equipped with highly-knowledgeable and well-talented designers that have years of experience under their belts. Unlike other online suppliers that’re geared to only confuse people, our team of designers work with you shoulder-to-shoulder every step of the way, ensuring customer satisfaction and experience.
  • Transparency is key, and we believe in establishing a comprehensive relationship with our clients to ensure positive results on both sides of the spectrum!
  • What defines our brand identity are the key elements that are associated to our fireplace doors, offering unique and diverse range of selections, alongside options to fully customize your order!
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Building Elegant & Diversified Fire Place Doors…

Indifferent may be too short of a definition when it comes to designing and innovating fireplace doors. In fact, Garcia Custom Fireplace Doors professionals know what it takes to build exhibitionistic designs that stand apart from the rest of the crowd. It’s not just about building or attaching parts together, no.  It’s about the symmetrical complexities, the fragile-yet-precious materials all centralized together to create a beautiful door that expresses nothing but art…

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our testimonials

“Our old-arcadian building was going through a renovation. We really needed a solution for replacing the worn-down fireplace doors. Garcia Fireplace Doors team helped us through every step. It was so easy to explain my ideas and what exact door design we wanted for the fireplaces. I highly recommend them to all my friends and family members! Keep up the good work guys! “

Julia. S. Vincent
National Bank Manager
New York City

“My wife Ruby finally pushed me to get our fireplace door replaced so it can match the new tiles. The problem was that we couldn’t find any patterns that would work. Finally, after finding Garcia Fireplace Doors, they gladly took charge, provided us consultation about the different options and an exceptional solution that the both, me and my wife agreed on. These folks are seriously talented people and I recommend them to all “

Sr. Harold J. Johnson
Retired Veteran & Homeowner
Washington D.C.