Shortcut to the Stars

"if you mix fiction and reality in a way that makes it hard to tell where science ends"
and fantasy being, the impossible becomes plausible, as if by magic."


Shortcut To The Stars

"Science fiction is not about the science but about the stories that use science
as background for conflict. All the better if you can get the science right, fun,
and accessible to everyone."


Shortcut To The Stars

"Who will inherit Mars if we do decide to colonize it? What
will lie ahead in the trail of evolution?"


Shortcut To The Stars

"Gaze to the stars and decide: Is that where your heart belongs?
Take your flight and find out for yourself."


Shortcut To The Stars


Shortcut To The Stars

"Please, check out the short stories. They are free!"


Marcio Tex is a retired captain in the Brazilian Navy who has traveled the world, reaching as far as the upper Amazon River and Antarctica. His exploits have brought him close to diverse people and cultures, different ways of understanding the world, and the meaning of our human nature, a rich life experience that he tries to represent in his writing.

In the Navy, Marcio was once the lighthouse authority; the Brazilian representative and council member to the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities; and the deputy hydrographer.


Consortia (book one)

Linda Milich is a space medicine doctor sent to Consortia,
the first permanent base on Mars. Linda belongs to the
Extraterrestrial Lift and Logistics Consortium—XLCON,
which also controls the base.

Among Linda’s crew is a professor involved in an
independent project that represents the boldest step in
evolutionism since Darwin

Short Stories

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