Committed to Quality and Performance

Your Trustworthy Bilingual Independent Commercial Driver, providing an Extensive Range of Truck Driving Services.
As a commercial trucking specialist, I always strive to bring reliability and the best value at the forefront of my business. Engaging in high expectations while delivering the best commercial trucking services to all clients make me a potentially suitable choice when it comes to independent contracting.


Great Opportunity for Businesses

With my comprehensive experience as a driver in the commercial trucking industry, businesses looking to transport commercial materials and goods can benefit from my Services.
The rapid change in pace in the modern business industry always requires better transportation dynamics and a flexible approach to meet challenges. With my experience in local and out-of-town trips, I can help businesses deliver their goods expertly and on time.


My Mission as an Independent Commercial Driver

I have been working in the truck driving business for more than four years, and my mission is to be at the service of all my clients to make sure that they drive their respective profits.
As an Individual commercial driver, I continually seek out the specific needs of clients and tailor-fit solutions for them to increase their overall supply chain and transportation efficiency. My trucking services enables all my client’s business to keep moving and combat the supply and demand imbalances quickly.

Comprehensive Experience

With over more than four years of dedicated trucking, driving, and transportation experience, I am your number choice when it comes to timely and effective driving solutions.

About Me

As a trucking and transportation specialist, my clients are my priority. I am always eager to understand the trucking transportation industry dynamics to cater better to the transport challenges faced by my clients.


My mission is to become a Broker in the
field of Trucking and Transportation businesses while
providing professional drivers and precise transportation solutions.

Find the Right Driver for the Right Job

Finding a trustworthy commercial truck driver who delivers on time and is reliable can be quite tricky as today, various drivers are offering their driving services all around. With my driving expertise, skills, and reliability, you as a business can secure a professional and experienced driver that can provide an extensive portfolio of transportation solutions. With commercial material transportation being my forte; growing and various types of retail businesses looking for a proficient and well-versed truck driver can take advantage of my services and experience.

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Great Opportunities for Skilled Truck Driver

My mission is to transform my company by having more drivers at my disposal and providing excellent driving services to all commercial businesses in the region. The goal is to become a broker and help the company reach the top by hiring the best drivers. Commercial drivers with the relevant experience can sign-up and become a part of Omer Mercado Inc.

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Your Reputable Driver in Orange County

When it comes to timely deliveries and great driving solutions, you as a commercial client or business can count on me. I am exceptionally dedicated, and communication between the driver and the client is my top priority. With my experience combined with the expertise to deliver a different kind of commercial goods and equipment, I take pride in myself in going the extra mile and providing the best possible services to all my clients.

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Hire Me Now as to your Hauler

I am always helping my clients go the distance while providing them with driving services that help excel their businesses. I, as a trucking specialist, adhere to all the company policies and protocols, enabling a smooth and seamless transition. Also, I am always looking forward to developing and fostering healthy relationships with all my clients.

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Services Being Offered

Here is my extensive portfolio of trucking services for commercial clients.


As a warehousing business, it is essential to fulfilling the customer’s priorities promptly.

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Air freight transportation is the fastest and the most effective shipping alternative. Carrying goods out of the port requires precision and skills.

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Sea freight is a method of transporting large quantities of the product via cargo ships; goods are packed into containers and then transported.

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Ground freight is a standard freight transportation method and is generally used to transport large items that are not time-sensitive.

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A professional packaging service has to be one that is utilized by several different businesses, especially the commercial ones, and handling packages require experience.

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For large jobs that require the coordinated transport and customs clearance of over-dimensional, overweight and high-value project cargo, complicated logistical timelines are required.

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When it comes to supply management, it is all about moving products and goods seamlessly from one point to another.

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OUt Of town trips

Omer Mercado provides complete local trips including ports as well as out of town and regional trucking and haulage trips.

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