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Safety Zoom 365

Keeping members Safe & Connected one ride at a time

It’s About You Not Us

No matter where you go Safety Zoom 365 will keep you safe and connected to those you love the most

We offer access to safe reliable transportation. Anytime, Anywhere.

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We work for you 24/7 365

Our agents work diligently to keep you safe, connected and moving. With on demand monitored rides you are never forgotton or left behind. We can have you moving in 15 minutes or less.

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No matter where life takes you,
Safety Zoom is there

Choosing the right transportation service for your personal or business travel usually
means searching wherever you go for another quality provider. Now, Safety Zoom 365
is all you need anywhere, anytime.

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We have Personal, Family, and
Corporate Memberships available

Join the revolution of Safe on demand TNC transportation. Sign up today and
experiance transportation “Your way”.

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