Welcome to Serendipity Social and Travel
We are here to create Memorable Moments for all Travelers.

From Couple Retreats, Active Leisure Travels, Concerts, Sports, Rafting, to Family and
Group travels, Serendipity Social and Travel is all about having Fun.


Welcome to Serendipity Social and Travel
Bespoke Designed Itineraries, Airline Booking, and Ticketing
Support and Travel Plans for Travelers.

We at Serendipity, help all your Traveling Dreams and Traveling Bucket Lists become a
Reality. We help our fellow travelers and wanderers have the best times of their lives.


Welcome to Serendipity Social and Travel
A Full-Service Travel Consultancy and Social Society.

We believe Life is a big journey filled with exploring new horizons. We are here to help you
explore those horizons while providing an amazing journey.

About Us

Making all your Travels, Simple and Fun.

Serendipity Social and Travel is a full-service travel consultancy and social society helping all our travelers explore new horizons and enjoy their travels. Our goal is to offer a lot more than just traveling insights. We specialize in Active Leisure, Life Plan, Bespoke Travel, Family Travel, Wellness and Spa, Ocean and River Cruising, Philanthropical Travel, Executive, and VIP Travel.

We are a member-based Social Travel Consultancy that attends fun activities, outings, and exclusive events together in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Get ready to fuel your wanderlust with us at Serendipity Social and Travel.

Planning Traveling activities with friends, family, loved ones, or your colleagues is a whole lot easier with Serendipity Social and Travel. Various itineraries are carefully designed and crafted for each traveler.

Our Mission

We are People who Love to Travel!

We are passionate about providing traveling itineraries for our fellow travelers and wanderers. We combine our passion, expertise, and resources to offer the most spectacular traveling experiences. Our goal is satisfying the wanderlusts of our fellow travelers. We provide joy and experiences that people hold with them forever.

Our mission is creating Memorable and Fun Moments for all. From enriching new experiences to helping travelers go to incredible places, Serendipity is there to guide travelers in fulfilling their wanderlust and traveling dreams. We are experts in Southlake Traveling and personalized Traveling Itineraries.

How Does This Work

Making Traveling Simple. Great Leisure and Fun Activities.
Explore It

Explore a multitude of Traveling Destinations, Activities, Popular Places, and Events.

Book It

Book your preferred Destination, Activity, Place, or Event. Choose whether you are traveling in a group or alone.

Enjoy It

Enjoy your travels and Fun-Filled Activities along with your friends and families with Serendipity Travel and Social.

Bespoke Travel

Customized Trips and Bespoke Traveling Itineraries for the Contemporary Traveler

We provide customized itineraries using exclusive concierge-style planning just for you. Bespoke Travel makes it easier than ever before to customize and co-create your immersive trips. At Serendipity Social and Travel, each trip and experience are co-created by the traveler.

Decide on your goals, and we will arrange everything for your travels down to the last detail. Our Local traveling experts curate the traveler’s bespoke adventures and deliver exceptional value and immersion. You start and end when you choose! You go where you want to and see what you want to see!

Air Travel

Full Service. Stress-Free

Seamless Travels from the Start to the Finish. Making it Simple.

Our concierge team specializes in curating bespoke itineraries tailor-made to perfection. We can secure competitive flight rates with the major airline contractors that are not always vacant for the public.

At Serendipity, we take the stress out of planning and securing the right flight via our unrivaled expertise and resources, and if you ever find yourself stuck due to adverse weather conditions while away or needing to modify your travel plans, our 24/7 service is available to you to make sure your travel plans transition flawlessly.


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