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About US

Our goal is to make available gourmet ingredients that taste fantastic, are highly nutritious, and have amazing health properties.

Affiliated with Life Cykel, Spored is a family-run gourmet mushroom and micro-green farm in the heart of Yass Valley that aims to bring revolutionary sustainable gourmet farming techniques to cultivate highly-nutritious, local, edible mushroom varieties and micro-greens to the local farmer’s market. We want to offer restaurants a fresh option for their menus that appeals equally to carnivores and the growing number of vegetarians and vegans, as well as people with other dietary needs.

Spored takes fresh produce to a whole new level. Our grow room, located in Yass Valley provides local restaurants, farmers markets, the finest quality varieties of microgreens.


The Farm – Learn About Mushrooms and Microgreens

As a certified organic farm, we don’t use chemicals, but instead use organic principles such as crop rotation, green manure, encouraging beneficial insects and earth-friendly products to keep the bugs at bay (such as garlic and chilli oil spray).

Our Mission

Care and Handling

The Growing Process

Why Choose SPORED

There Is No Second Earth; Sustainability Is No More Optional.

At Spored, we believe the best culinary experiences come from local, fresh, organic ingredients. That is why we have carefully selected 100% organic ingredients that honour the earth and the mushrooms. We meticulously screen our processes to ensure the highest level of textural and aesthetic quality, allowing your dining experience to extend well beyond taste. We feel true health extends beyond our bodies and deep into the communities in which we live. All of our seeds are non-GMO, and we use the harmless growing methods to provide our consumers with the tastiest and healthiest microgreens.

Keeping it local is what gives us the most significant point of difference.


Welcome to SPORED – The Mushroom Kingdom

Spored is beginning this journey by being a local grower of many different types of mushrooms, including shiitake, oyster, lion’s mane, and many others.
We use the proven cultivation techniques with the latest technology, so our farm can run reliably with the smallest footprint possible, all year round. The delicate aging cycle for mushrooms is short, so it is our job to deliver mushrooms to you within hours of harvesting to ensure peak flavour.

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