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I am an energetic and agile leader with a proven track record of leading and managing successful multi-million-dollar business capture opportunities. Especially adept in translating unique and innovative concepts into messages that appeal to the target markets’ interest(s) while generating awareness and encouraging action. Consistently acknowledged for building strong partnerships and relationships with both internal and external customers; tailoring impact statements that result in the engagement of various stakeholders.

I am a dynamic individual with strong business acumen combined with in-depth knowledge of IT governance, legislation, budgeting and procurement processes. I have extensive experience working with civilian federal agencies such as the Federal Aviation Administration, the General Services Administration, the Department of Homeland Security, the State of Florida Government and other corporations, foundations, and non-profit organizations with an emphasis on building and maintaining high levels of client focus, intimacy, and excellence.

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I work AROUND THE CLOCK to ensure a successful capture process that IMPRESSIVELY IMPROVES your bid opportunities. I create the most APPLCIABLE STRATEGIES to help your company increase the PROBABILITY OF WIN.

My services will guide you to a GREAT WIN STRATEGY and create an INNOVATIVE SOLUTION. I will help you DEFINE GOALS, COMPETE PERSUASIVELY, and WIN federal and state government contracts.

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