Valley Piling and Consulting INC.

Solid Foundation Solutions and Support


Valley Piling and Consulting INC.

Solid Foundation Solutions and Support


Valley Piling and Consulting INC.

Solid Foundation Solutions and Support

Who Are We?

Valley Piling and Consulting Inc.

Valley Piling and Consultingis led by Shawn Gerald and centrally located in Chilliwack BC, with a service area covering the entire British Columbia.

With over30years experience in excavation, foundation repair and building inspections, with extensive field experience, Shawn works closely with support teams (engineers) and piling manufacturers to find an inventive solution for allfoundations in new residential buildings, commercial, industrial and existing repair projects.

With our experience and know how, combined

with engineering firms and suppliers who specialize on all of our installations, there is no job we cant complete to your satisfaction

We have the experience, confidence and professionalism to handle all your foundation needs.

At Valley Piling and Consulting we know the difference between a quick fix and a solid solution. Its about the integrity of the foundation; Ours and Yours.

Our strength is in the experience of our highly trained and certified staff; their knowledge and the tools and equipment they harness. Valley Piling and Consulting Inc. provides professional solution-based assessments to your foundation install or repair and will prescribe a solid plan to protect your valuable property investment.

Valley Piling and Consulting recognizes the cost of piles is traditionally expensive and is highly competitive and has the ability to provide products and services more effectively and efficiently than any other competitors in the industry.

Why Choose Us?

Valley Piling and Consulting Inc. has a solid and strong background in the industry. We have extensive knowledge about building foundations and have worked on several commercial and industrial projects.
Our company knows the difference between a quick fix and a robust solution, which is why we highly focus on providing quality service to our clients. We also offer a cost breakdown analysis and cost estimate to land developers and construction companies before progressing towards the excavation or any other process.

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The Services We Proudly Deliver

We have been related to construction and piling industry for more than a decade and have gathered a vast experience in this field. Our engineers and builders know all the ins and outs of construction and foundations and can perform the service you want! Here is the list of items and services we provide

  • Helical Pile Installation and Sales
  • Underpinning, Stabilizing and Raising Settled Foundations
  • Foundation Consulting
  • Foundation Excavation and Repair
  • Waterproofing and Drain Tile
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