Dare To Read It…
and Laugh

Published by
American Literary Press, Inc.
Baltimore, MD

“Don’t let book title scare you.”

“The most remarkable thing about this book is its lack of venom.”

“A must read for all races.”

“Porter manages to provoke a lot of serious thought on the part of her readers while
      giving them a few laughs as well.”

“The title is controversial and explosive; perhaps ironically, her book will lead to
      forums, panel discussions or even a course on human relations.”

“Porter’s book promises to educate us and close the gap by employing humor. But in
      her humor there is truth.”

“I caution you not to go into this book with your mind closed.”

“This little book is written by a lady who holds a Master’s degree from UCLA Film School, so her credentials are far more
      impressive than what one might have perceived to be contained in a book with such a shocking title.”